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Yoga Positions to Improve Walking Workouts

Yoga Poses for Walkers

Whether you want to work your hamstrings or hips, this easy routine will make you stronger and more flexible

Yoga for Walkers

Whether you walk to relax, energize, or burn calories, walking is an easy way to build your fitness levels and enjoy the great outdoors--not to mention relieve stress and recharge your energy supplies. But, be careful--you might be tightening your hips, hamstrings, and lower back. Yoga can help by stretching and conditioning the muscles that are essential to walking properly. Try these yoga positions to complement and enhance your walking workouts. You'll find that over time these yoga positions will also help improve your overall sense of well-being. If your walking routine involves hoofing it on a treadmill, your lower body is getting a good workout, but some parts might need loosening up. "On a treadmill, your hips and hamstrings will get toned but tight," says Robin Levine, owner of Intelligent Yoga in New York City. Adding poses 5 and 6 to your routine will stretch your body and add definition to your arms without further exhausting your legs.

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