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Yoga for Weight Loss

Heart-Pumping Yoga Poses

To turn your yoga routine into a heart-pounding, metabolism-stoking sweat session, switch styles. Here's what to try instead

Cardio Yoga

Vinyasa flow is specifically designed to build heat and keep your heart rate up with a series of demanding standing poses, twists, and inversions held for long periods. (Search: What is vinyasa flow yoga?) I've burned up to 400 calories during a 90-minute class! And the breathing technique used in yoga-inhaling and exhaling fluidly and calmly through the nose—can improve your cardiovascular health.

10 Yoga Poses Your Routine May Be Missing

Try this routine three to six times a week: Warm up with Sun Salutation, then do each of the other four poses, separating each one with a flow sequence consisting of Plank, Chaturanga, Upward-Facing Dog, and Downward-Facing Dog. So do Warrior II, the sequence, Warrior III, the sequence, and so on.

Discover how to sculpt a lean yoga body in 15 minutes a day!

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