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The Ultimate Weekend Fat Blaster

Supplement your weekday routine and build muscle anywhere with this total-body outdoor workout

Body-Weight Workout

A busy workweek can sabotage even the best-laid fitness plans. (Search: Free Personal Training Plans) That makes the weekend a perfect time to compensate for a missed workout, reinforce your gains, or burn a few extra calories, says Dan John, a fitness coach in Burlingame, California, and the author of Never Let Go. John's outdoor workout makes weekend exercise a snap since no gym is required. You can find most of what you need—bench, pole, solid ground—at your local park. What's more, most of the exercises work one limb at a time, helping you identify weaknesses and blind spots that you can address when you head back to the weight room on Monday.

Do this: Go to a nearby park and perform this workout as a circuit, spacing the exercise "stations" about 200 yards apart. Run between them, picking up the pace as you proceed through the circuit so that you're eventually sprinting from the fourth to the fifth station. Walk back to the first one and repeat. Do three circuits total.

Build Twice the Muscle in Half the Time

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