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Cable Machine Workouts

Tone It All With One Machine

Score a lean, strong physique with just one gym machine: the cable tower

4 Quick Cable Moves

Unlike other gym machines that lock you into a fixed motion pattern (think the seated hip abductor or leg press), the cable tower, which has weight stacks and swappable handles, allows for more functional movements so you can work your muscles from all angles with a greater range of motion. The cables keep your muscles under constant tension, giving you a tough workout, especially in your core, which has to work overtime to stabilize your body each time you pull a cable. And it's a one-stop shop: You can get a killer head-to-toe workout without hopping around the gym. (Search: Where can I find the closest gym to me?)

This routine, created by Dan Trink, a strength coach and personal trainer at Peak Performance in New York City, alternates between upper-and lower-body moves and helps you build lean muscle to amp up your calorie burn during--and after--the workout. Three times a week, complete 12 to 15 reps of each exercise, moving from one to the next without a break. Rest for one minute, then repeat the circuit three more times. Don't have access to a cable station? You can get a similar workout by doing these moves with a resistance band. (Pair your workout with this Ultimate 7-Day Eating Plan for ultimate results.)

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