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Toning Workout for Women

Take Your Fitness in a New Direction

Sculpt a stronger, leaner physique by adding twisting and throwing moves into your routine

Twist and Tone

As good as most strength-training moves are for your body, they have a drawback: They tend to work your muscles in a single plane of motion—up and down or forward and back (think biceps curls and lunges). But the way you move every day isn't so straightforward. That's why rotational moves are so valuable.

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"Twisting or throwing exercises engage more muscles, improve your balance, and build functional, real-world strength," says Tony Gentilcore, a strength coach at Cressey Performance in Hudson, Massachusetts. "Plus, the rotation comes from the core, so you'll gain power and carve flat abs while you're at it." That's a pretty awesome bonus. (Search: Health benefits of a flat tummy) Complete these moves as a circuit, going from one to the next without taking a break. Then rest 60 seconds. Do the circuit four times.

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