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Core Stability Exercises for Runners

Stronger Core, No Crunches

Still on the floor doing endless crunches? Stand up to work your abs for running

Core Values

Old habits are hard to break. Which is why you still see people lying down doing crunches. If all you want is a washboard look, that tactic might work. But to run your best, you should stand up. "Runners need to train the entire core—the muscles that attach to the pelvis—to run safely and efficiently," says Gary Lavin, a coach, trainer, and co-owner of Fitness Redefined in Palm Beach, Florida. "To target these muscles, you need to work them in the position they're in while running—upright." This routine strengthens the core plus the hip flexors, hamstrings, and quads and improves balance. Do these moves, working up to three sets of 10 reps, after easy runs—when you wouldn't want to lie down anyway.

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