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Sore Muscles and Stretching

Sore No More

Four lower-body stretches that ease achy muscles

Relieve Muscle Pain

When yoga instructor Katie Brauer­ helped the women of Team Specialized-­­Lululemon loosen up at their first training camp earlier this year, a chorus of agony echoed throughout the studio--especially when she got to the lower body. That was no surprise to Brauer, the director of teacher training and yoga programming at Yoga Six in San Diego.

Cycling's static position and repetitive motion create muscular imbalances that lead to tightness and pain, she says. These factors can also compromise your ability to generate power. This sequence (starting with the move described above and followed by three on the next page) targets the hips, glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Do it for 10 minutes after every ride. (Be sure to stay in shape to prevent injuries! Try this Whole-Body Tune Up to tone those supporting muscles.)

Turn your bike into a powerful weight loss tool!

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