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The Simple Twist Super Workout

Add these three simple twists to your normal exercises for maximum core strength and turbocharged results

Do The Twist!

If you've been doing the same strength-training exercises for months, your muscles may be in a holding pattern. "To add distance or increase speed, your cross-training efforts need to push your limits," says Michael Silverman, a physical therapist at the Sports Rehabilitation and Performance Center at New York City's Hospital for Special Surgery. These tweaks will help you develop new power for your run.

But first, try the ancient nutritional formula for peak athletic performance, The Paleo Diet for Athletes.

Three Signs It's Time To Change Your Routine:

Low pulse: Chart your maximum heart rate for every workout. "If it's getting lower at peak levels, it's time to switch it up," says Silverman.

Fresh muscles: When you no longer experience delayed onset of muscle soreness, your workout isn't hard enough. "That feeling of soreness indicates challenge."

No sweat: While sweat isn't the most accurate indicator of an effective work-out, if you're walking away with dry pits and forehead, "it's time to advance your routine."

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