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At Home Workout

The No-Time, No-Space Workout

No room? No problem. This super-quick, total-body workout is easy to perform in even the tightest quarters

Fast Workout, Faster Results

When you’re short on time and can’t make it into the gym, there’s a good chance space is just as much of an issue. But if you’re worried about getting a quality workout in the cramped confines of your living room, office, or hotel room, there are plenty of moves you can tackle to tone your body. (Short on time too? Shape up in just 15-minutes a day with one of these routines.) “Stick to efficient exercises that train multiple muscles at once,” suggests Sara Haley, American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer and Reebok Global Master Trainer. Grab a heavier set of weights than you’d normally use—you’ll cut back on time-consuming reps while also raising your heart rate, and as a result you get your cardio and strength training done in one, says Haley. (Search: How heavy should I be lifting?) Torch calories in record time with her super-quick and highly efficient workout.

Home Distractions That Mess With Your Workout

Directions: Set a timer for 15 minutes—your goal is to complete this workout before it goes off, says Haley. Unless otherwise noted, perform each move as many times as you can with perfect form, up to 15 reps, using 10- to 20-pound weights. Try to take as few breaks between exercises as possible.

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