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Yoga Poses to Build Muscle

Muscle-Sculpting Yoga Poses

Build muscle and sculpt a sleek physique with these powerful poses

Yoga Strong

"How did you get those arms? Do you lift weights?" Yogis hear these questions all the time and smile knowingly as they respond, "Nope. Just yoga." Yoga requires nothing but ourselves--no weights, no machines, just the ability to lift and hold our own body weight. If the gym feels like a prison, then yoga is a playground. Yoga is composed of endless postures; you never have to do the same practice twice. (Search: What are the different types of yoga?) There is a variation for every pose, and just when you've mastered a pose, you'll learn a new transition that takes it to the next level. This kind of training creates a long, lean body that shows strength without bulk. Do these four poses as a sequence two to five times a week. (Plus: Burn fat faster with these 2-in-1 Yoga Poses!)

Discover how to sculpt a lean yoga body in 15 minutes a day!

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