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Dumbbell Exercises for Women

Get a Bikini Body That Rocks!

Prime skin-baring season is staring you down. If you aren't in peak shape, don't freak out--these innovative total-body moves will make up for lost time by blasting fat and sculpting lean muscle, fast!

Get Beach Ready

Whether you're breaking a sweat regularly or totally slacking, it's time for a change. To look hotter than ever this summer, you have to shock your body to get it into sizzling shape. (Get motivated with these downloadable posters!)

It takes about three weeks for a fit woman to adapt to a new routine, says metabolic training expert B.J. Gaddour, CEO of StreamFIT.com. That means as you do a workout over and over again, it eventually gets easier and your body doesn't have to work as hard. In this case, effortless isn't a good thing: When your body isn't challenged, you burn fewer calories and your metabolism and results flatline--exactly what you don't want to happen when your goal is scoring a slimmer, sexier physique.

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To burn more fat and build more lean muscle, you have to throw your body a curveball. Enter our one-of-a-kind beach-body plan, created by Gaddour. These innovative moves are likely new to you--and your muscles. They'll work your entire body in a fast-paced series that will stoke your metabolism and jack up your heart rate. According to researchers, training this way can torch about 500 calories an hour, plus an extra 300 calories in the 24 hours after your workout. What's more, the plan is super-simple. All you need are two pairs of dumbbells (one light and one heavy; try five to 10 pounds for the lighter ones, 10 to 20 pounds for the heavier set, and adjust if needed), and each routine takes a little more than 30 minutes.

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Get with the Plan
You'll complete three workouts a week on nonconsecutive days, alternating between workout A and workout B. For each workout, perform the 10 moves on these pages as a circuit. When you've finished all of them, rest for a minute, then repeat the entire circuit two or three more times.

Workout A: Use the heavier weights. For each exercise, perform as many reps as you can in 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds between exercises.

Workout B: Use the lighter weights. For each exercise, perform as many reps as you can in 50 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds between exercises.

Fitness Rules You Should Ignore

Quick tip: To make this exercise easier place the dumbbell on the floor (rather than holding it) and touch it with your hands when you squat down.

The change-up between the two workouts is the key to the program's success. In workout A, you'll knock out around eight to 15 reps per move, which builds muscle and optimizes fat-burning hormones. But if you stuck with that approach, you'd exhaust your muscles and need more downtime to recover. In workout B, the longer work intervals rely on your type-I endurance muscle fibers to do most of the work, which gives your type-II fibers (the kind used for intense exercise) a break. Another perk of the tag-team approach: By alternating routines, your body won't master the moves as quickly, so this plan will help you stay beach-body fit long after bikini season is over.

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