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Burn Calories Outdoors

Elevate Your Baseline

Six ball-field drills for shedding fat fast

The Warmup

Major Leaguers have cushy clubhouse gyms, but Steve Odgers, C.S.C.S., likes to train them outside as well. "Base-ball diamonds provide space to work out on surfaces that are easy on the joints," he says. Odgers, a conditioning coach for Ivan Rodriguez and other clients of agent Scott Boras, created this fat-burning workout to help you improve your agility for any sport.

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Extra Innings
After completing the moves, devote some time to your footwork and try bench stepups. Stepups "help improve quick starts and stops," Odgers says. Using the dugout bench or steps, push down through your right foot and lift yourself up to a standing position. Pause, then step down with your left leg first. Do three sets of 10 reps, then switch legs and repeat.

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