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Warmup Exercises for a Total Body Workout

Do-Anywhere Dynamic Warmup

Start with a warmup that actually makes you sweat. This one revs up your heart, loosens your muscles and gets your mind ready to tackle a total-body workout

Power Up Preworkout

A great workout starts with a great warmup. My friends, I have news for you. A warmup should not be easy. It will start “easy” but should progress to the point that when you’re finished, you’re ready to go full steam ahead into your workout. The warmup you‘ll do in this workout is based on movement and will challenge your rhythm, your coordination, and even your conditioning. It’ll make you sweat. Once you’re accustomed to the dynamic warmup, you should be able to complete it in 7 to 10 minutes. However, starting out, many exercise rookies might feel done after the dynamic warmup. So if your idea of preparing for your workout is performing a few light sets of an exercise or walking on a treadmill for 5 minutes, you’re in for a surprise.

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Before you start the heart of the program, you should be sweating. A great warmup fires up your entire neuromuscular system, increases the temperature of your muscles, and lengthens your fascia. A “warm” muscle and lengthened fascia can generate more energy and force, and react more efficiently to any demand you place on them. That’s why the dynamic warmup prepares your body for any movement you will perform. Your heart rate will increase, your muscles will feel loose, and your mind and body will be fully prepared for the workout. Additionally, the dynamic warmup will keep you safe and help prevent injury during your workout.

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For each exercise, perform one set of the prescribed number of reps. Cover a distance of 10 yards for each of the carioca, skipping and Frankenstein moves.

This workout has been excerpted from The IMPACT! Body Plan by Todd Durkin.

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