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Abs Workout

The 4 Best Abs Moves You’ve Never Done

Reinvent your core workout with this killer 10-minute series created by celebrity fitness trainer Jay Cardiello

10-Minute Abs Workout

Get off your back: Doing endless crunches is an outdated way to work your abs. “To effectively take inches off your waist, you should work the muscles below your belt,” says Jay Cardiello, celebrity fitness trainer and creator of JCORE System. When you work muscles below the navel, you hit the three largest muscle groups in the body, which burns more calories and fat, he explains. Working more muscles uses more energy, which translates to more calories burned. Melt fat and reveal your six-pack with Cardiello’s 10-minute core workout.

50 Flat-Belly Golden Rules

Get Started: Do each exercise as many times as possible in 30 seconds. Follow each 30-second burst with a 30-second recovery period. Perform each move two to three times.
Tip: Concentrate on form, and then gradually increase the pace as you master each movement.

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