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Quick Mind-Body Workout

15-Minute Workout to Strengthen Your Body and Mind

Liberate the inner—and thinner—you with this challenging routine

Four Mindful Moves

Most women fall into one of two camps: cardio queens or yoga buffs. After all, who has enough time to fit in both types of exercise? This routine, conceived by Patricia Moreno, creator of the intenSati class at Equinox and author of The intenSati Method: The Seven Secret Principles to Thinner Peace, incorporates Zen-inducing elements into heart-pumping cardio. Do as many reps of each exercise as you can in one minute, going from one move to the next without resting. Repeat the pattern up to four times.

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Your Goal Do the entire workout without resting

Trainer Tip Stay centered. During a cardio workout, your body may be going through the motions while your mind is somewhere else. But according to Moreno, saying a different meditation with each move ("I feel strong" or "I know I can do this") can keep your mind and body on the same page. As a result, your focus will improve and you'll get more from your workout.

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