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Fat Burning Workout for Men

15-Minute Workout: Drill to Your Core

Use timed circuit training to burn fat as you build your upper body

Time to Torch Fat

Sure, you could prep for a shirtless beach debut by working your upper back and core, but that may not burn the flab in front of those muscles. That's what this workout can do. "Done as a timed circuit, these three exercises have a metabolic component that can help you grow lean," says its creator, Chris Bathke, C.S.C.S., owner of Elemental Fitness Lab in Portland, Oregon.

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Set a timer to beep every minute. Do a set of the first exercise, and rest until the timer beeps. Do the same with the next two exercises. Repeat the cycle 5 times. Need help choosing a timer? Use the guide below to choose the right one for you:

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Simple The Tabata Pro iPhone app ($3) lets you program your own interval lengths and play your own rocking tunes during work and rest intervals.

Serious The Gymboss ($20, gymboss.com) is a small stopwatch with a clip for your waistband. It works as a repeating timer, beeping at regular intervals of your choosing.

No-cheat diet and fitness gadgets that help you lose

Splurge The Seiko Interval Timer ($100, performbetter.com) has dual timers that record your speed on splits while also tracking your overall workout duration.

Warning: Don’t be derailed by ab gadgets—many are money-wasting scams. Read our article, Abs Seen on TV, to see how some of those infomercial exercise devises stack up against the classic situp.

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