Bad Eating Habits That Make You Gain Weight

You're Making Me Fat!

We’re not about to point fingers, but since you asked…yes, your partner could be behind those extra pounds

'Til Fat Do Us Part

You're Making Me Fat! // couple arguing © Thinkstock

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When you find the number on the scale rising, it’s easy to point fingers at the person who’s weighing down the other side of the couch. Study after study shows that couples, both married and cohabitating, have a higher risk of being obese than singles. While some say it’s a result of “letting yourself go,” researchers chalk it up to a “shared household environment.” To put it in plain English: Your bad habits are rubbing off on each other.

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“When you’re dating or living with someone, it’s easy to pick up their eating and exercise habits—or lack thereof,” says Jenna Bergen, author of Your Big Fat Boyfriend: How to Stay Thin When Dating a Diet Disaster. “The more time you spend with each other, the greater chance of that happening.” We’ve identified eight ways your partner could be helping you pack on the pounds, as well as some smart strategies to keep love chub at bay.

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