Weight Loss: The Best Way to Lose Belly Fat

6 Happiest Ways to Beat Belly Fat

Blast belly fat and whittle your middle while still living the good life

Skip Situps

Science confirms what you’ve long suspected: Those hundreds of sit-ups before bed aren’t getting you any closer to a toned stomach. Not only do crunches put your lower back at risk for injury, but they work only a tiny portion of your core. For a smarter, more effective abs routine, try the Swiss-ball rollout and the Swiss-ball pike. A new Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy study compared ten different abs exercises and found that your core works harder performing these two moves than any other. Still, abs-centric workouts only get you so far. They primarily strengthen and tone your muscles, not decrease your waist size, so before you can reveal your six-pack, you’ll have to remove the layer of fat jiggling on your stomach. While it’s tempting to just amp up your cardio and watch your number of calories burned climb, take the time to hit up the weight room, too. After all, research suggests that resistance training may be more effective at torching fat than aerobic exercise. Melt your gut with our belly-busting routines for men and women.