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Weight Loss: The Best Way to Lose Belly Fat

6 Happiest Ways to Beat Belly Fat

Blast belly fat and whittle your middle while still living the good life

Lose Weight without Feeling Deprived!

6 Happiest Ways to Beat Belly Fat // Woman drinking wine © Thinkstock

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The old way to a flat belly involved nothing but cardio, counting calories, and control. The new thinking: Relax and live a little! You're more likely to stick to a plan that allows you some indulgences and actually fits in your life. Plus, recent research shows that you can shrink your stomach while drinking wine, eating carbs, and logging less time at the gym. These six gut-busting strategies will help you melt away the pounds so that you can say goodbye to belly fat for good.

Lose 15 pounds in just 32 days and flatten your belly for good! No crunches required!

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