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10 No-Cook Snacks that Boost Energy

Fight fatigue without firing up the oven. These energizing snacks require little to no prep

Simple Snacks for All-Day Energy

10 No-Cook Snacks that Boost Energy // no cook snacks: veggies and dip picture © Corbis Images

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The experience of snacking can swing one of two ways: Mindlessly grazing to the bottom of a bag of chips on a Tuesday night, or selecting a healthy food boost that sustains you between breakfast, lunch and dinner. Choose the latter. “You want your snack to be easy to prepare and give you steady, sustained energy to take you through to your next meal,” says JJ Virgin, PhD, a certified nutrition and exercise coach in Palm Desert, California. Ideally, an energy-revving snack will contain a mix protein, healthy fats, and fiber to keep your system humming all day. Here are 10 of Virgin’s no-oven, portable favorites for 250 calories or fewer.

The Secret to Smart Snacking

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