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Mountain Biking for Beginners

Mountain Biking for Moms

A beginner’s guide for women who want to take up this exhilarating sport but are clueless about where to start

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Mountain Biking for Moms // two women mountain biking © Corbis

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Being a yoga mom is so passe. If you really want to banish stress, sculpt strong abs, tone thighs, and have fun (imagine that!), mountain biking is the answer.

But if your last bike boasted a banana seat and a woven basket, have no fear. We’ve got you covered. We asked some of the country’s top female mountain bikers to share essential tips for beginners. They didn’t always agree on how far back you should sit on the saddle, but they all concurred: There’s no need to feel intimidated by the sport.

“Mountain biking is a very welcoming community,” says Catharine Pendrel, 2010 Mountain Bike World Cup champion. “If you feel intimidated, there are so many groups of women out there who want to help other women get into riding. But men are also very receptive to helping women.”

Follow this advice and you’ll be speeding down an incline in no time.

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