How to Lose Weight

Weight-Loss Mistakes Beginners Make

These rookie moves can foil your get-fit plans

Weight-Loss Mistakes

Weight-Loss Mistakes Beginners Make // Weight loss tips: Woman drinking sports drink pic © Thinkstock

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Weight-loss rookies beware: despite your best efforts, you may be making some well-intentioned mistakes that not only halt your progress, but can actually cause weight gain, leaving you feeling anything but motivated.

But before you get discouraged, know this: If you know what you’re up against, you can play defense against the most common diet destroyers to ensure you lose weight and hit your diet and fitness goals. Here, author of The Belly Off! Diet and The Belly Off! Workouts Jeff Csatari shares five seemingly benign missteps that initially tripped up many of the weight-loss winners in the Men’s Health Belly Off! Club

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