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Running Tips for Beginners

How to Pick the Right Running Partner

The best running buddy will help you go faster, farther, and more often

Avoid "Friendly" Competitions

"When you get too competitive, you lose sight of your training program and you deviate from what's ideal for you," says Portenga. "In the end, it can sabotage your performance. If you're going to make a competition out of practice, then you should compete with only yourself." (Try it: Our new Fit Tracker tool is the perfect way to focus your running progress on you) A better use of that time together, he says, may be to help each other through plateaus and work on checking off incremental goals. This is one area where veterans pair well with newbies: Running with a beginner can counter the culture of toughness that can take over between two experienced runners of equal ability. And practiced runners can help newbies stick with it.

Picking the Right Running Goal for You

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