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Running Tips for Beginners

How to Pick the Right Running Partner

The best running buddy will help you go faster, farther, and more often

Make Pace a Priority

The big-picture goal doesn't have to be the same for each runner as long as an aspect of the training is shared. For instance, a runner training for a 5-K could do track work with someone signed up for a 10-K, while a 10-K racer and a marathoner could pair up for short runs, as long as they agree about their preferred pace beforehand. (Print it: Download this free poster to motivate your running—and your friends') "Pace is even more important than compatibility," says Barbara Walker, PhD, a sports psychologist and founder of the consulting firm the Center for Human Performance in Cincinnati. "You aren't going to be happy if you don't run your pace, if you feel too fast or too slow for the group."

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