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Healthy Recipes for Canned Seafood

Delicious, Healthy Fish Recipes for Athletes

Tasty ways to tap into the muscle-building benefits of canned seafood

Canned Swimmers

Delicious, Healthy Fish Recipes for Athletes //  © Misha Gravenor

Image: Misha Gravenor

You know fish is good for you. "It's a rich source of protein and healthy fats," says Cassie Dimmick, M.S., R.D., a sports dietitian in Springfield, Missouri. But that doesn't mean you eat it: 48 percent of respondents to a poll said they eat seafood only occasionally and usually at restaurants. What's the problem? If fresh fish seems inconvenient, expensive, and hard to prepare, you're forgetting about a handy option: canned swimmers. In many ways canned fish is a better choice for runners. Multiple common varieties offer less-expensive, better-tasting products naturally low in toxins and contaminants and, as a bonus, harvested in an environmentally sustainable way. Shelf-stable and already cooked, canned fish is there when you're ready for a protein-rich recovery meal  (Related: Best Supermarket Foods for Runners)

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