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5 New Road Bikes Priced to Move

These race-inspired enthusiast bikes give you plenty of speed at friendly prices

The Best New $2,000 Road Bikes

5 New Road Bikes Priced to Move  // road bike © Thinkstock

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Most of us have dreams of riding like the pros on TV—effortlessly spinning up our own versions of the Alps or furiously sprinting to a win on our own personal Champs-Elysees. (Search: What are the top cycling destinations in the world?) But for some of us, the tools used by those larger-than-life athletes are at least a touch out of reach. These five race-inspired enthusiast bikes are not. More affordable than top-level race bikes, yet still fast, fun, and ready for your next ride, one of these machines could make your dreams a reality. (Related: 50 Best U.S. Cities for Cycling)

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