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Best of 2012: Fitness Trends

12 Fitness Trends We Loved in 2012

Workout crazes come and go, but we won’t soon forget this year’s fun (and effective!) fads

The Color Run

12 Fitness Trends We Loved in 2012 // The Color Run © AP Images

Image: AP Images
What it is: In these untimed 5-K runs, participants wear white shirts and attire and make their way through the course as slowly or quickly as they’d like. At each kilometer, runners hit a “color zone,” where they’re sprayed with a different shade of natural, nontoxic paint. They end the race looking like a walking Jackson Pollock painting. The series of 54 events launched in January 2012; over the course of the year more than 600,000 people participated. Next year, the program will nearly double in size, expanding to more than 100 cities.

What’s to love: “We’re all for embracing a competitive streak, but fitness should also be fun, and this series really emphasizes that aspect. Our tag line is ‘the happiest 5-K on the planet’ for a reason,” says Jessica Nixon, spokesperson for The Color Run. “It really is an event for all fitness levels, ages, and backgrounds. It’s less about competition and more about celebrating health and having fun.” (When was the last time you actually had a blast working out? Our playground-inspired exercises to bring the fun back--try these Moves That Make Exercise Fun Again.)

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