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16 New Ways to Eat Watermelon

If you only eat watermelon directly from the rind, you’re missing out. Incorporate the summer fruit into soups, salads, salsas, and more

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16 New Ways to Eat Watermelon // watermelon recipes: watermelon slice drink picture c Getty Images

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Refreshing Summer Recipes

If a recent Fitbie Facebook poll is any indication, you guys are big fans of watermelon. Like, huge. Don’t worry, it's our favorite summer fruit, too. Besides tasting terrific, watermelon is also low-cal, hydrating (perfect for summer!), and loaded with health-boosting nutrients like cancer-fighting lycopene and the amino acid arginine, which research links to weight loss. Although it tastes great raw, why limit yourself to chunks and slices? Here are 16 creative ways to use watermelon in your favorite summer foods.

Save Hundreds of Calories with each flame-kissed meal!

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