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Valentine Gifts: Fitness Gear

10 Fit Gifts for Your Valentine

Healthier than a box of chocolates and more exciting than a dozen roses, these mementos allow you to shower your honey with love—not calories

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10 Fit Gifts for Your Valentine // Fit Valentine's Day Gifts: Uncommon Goods Garden Bon Bon Set c Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

As Sweet as Candy

Garden Bon Bon Set
This cleverly packaged set of truffle-shaped seed balls contains all the charm of a box of chocolates—without the calories. Just plant the bon-bons in soil and watch them sprout into edible greens. (Related: 7 Salt-Free Ways to Flavor-Food) Choose from the Herbal Teas (contains lemon balm, chamomile, borage blossom, and anise), or the Italian Herbs (basil, parsley, chives, and winter thyme). Find out how to boost your libido—with food!

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