11 Fat Bombs of Football Season

These insanely indulgent foods could leave you looking like a linebacker by the end of the season if you’re not careful

By: Emily G. W. Chau 

Photo Credit: Mitch Mandel

Gluttonous Game-Day Snacks

Football and food go together as well as, well, beer and bratwurst. Game day seems to give license to eat whatever you want—the more inventive and bacon-wrapped, the better. We scoured the country looking for old local classics and new twists on tailgate foods, stadium munchies, and regional party favorites that will hit your gut the hardest. From hot dogs wrapped in burgers wrapped in bacon to deep-fried cookie dough, here are 11 of the biggest fat and calorie bombs around the nation.

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Primanti Bros. “Almost Famous” Sandwich

About 1,500 calories
The only thing more terrible than a Terrible Towel is the damage Primanti Bros. will do to your gut. Sold at Heinz Field, the Almost Famous is a Pittsburgh staple piled with meat, cheese, fries, slaw, and an optional fried egg between a thick Italian roll, for a whopping 1,500 calories.

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The Sanchize

About 560 calories, 34.5 g fat
Regular hot dogs are bad enough, but this version, named in honor of the Jets quarterback, manages also to fit a slab of bacon, guacamole, sour cream, pickled onions, and Cotija cheese into a bun. Created by the folks at Tailgate Joe, the official tailgate of Jetnation.com, this hot dog has nearly twice as many calories as a typical dog.

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Photo Credit: Mitch Mandel

Philly Cheesesteak

About 1,200 calories
It’s not a tailgate in the City of Brotherly Love without a Philly cheesesteak in hand. Whether your game-day spread includes 12-inch sandwiches from Geno’s, smothered in its signature Cheese Whiz, or one from rival, Pat’s, you’ll set yourself back about 1,200 calories. (Search: Which Philly cheesesteak tastes the best?)

Wisconsin Beer Brats

516 calories, 42 g fat
When you’re in Packer territory, liberal helpings of brats, beer, and cheese can help pack on the pounds. Traditional Wisconsin beer brats are simmered in beer and then finished off on the grill, for a 516-calorie greasy explosion.

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Fried Alligator

700 calories, 74 g fat
SEC football fans pride themselves on having the best teams—and tailgates. Head down to LSU and you’re just as likely to find regional gut busters like battered ’n’ fried gator and frog legs as hot dogs and hamburgers.

Photo Credit: Mitch Mandel

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

598 calories, 50 g fat
Chili reigns supreme as a tailgate meal in a bowl in northern states, but you’re more likely to find a pot of game-day gumbo in Louisiana. Soup is usually diet-friendly, but chicken and sausage add to gumbo’s calorie and fat totals.

Photo Credit: Way Tru

Frito Pie

400 calories, 23 g fat
Everything is bigger in Texas—including how many calories Longhorns can add to their chili. This favorite takes a layer of Fritos, tops it with a liberal helping of chili, and sprinkles on more fried corn chips.

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Deep-Fried Cookie Dough

1,200 calories, 51 g fat
Spotted at a Texas-OU game-day tailgate, deep-fried cookie dough mixes all of the sugary calories of dessert with all of the fat of a vat of boiling oil. Toss back three of these babies and you’re at half a day’s worth of calories, or an eye-popping 1,200 calories.

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New England Clam Chowder

480 calories, 33 g fat
The fare isn’t much healthier in Patriots territory. New England clam chowder may warm the body, but its first ingredient is cream, so a serving will set you back 480 calories. That’s before you’ve added the oyster crackers, and burgers and dogs.

Photo Credit: Zieak

Bacon-Wrapped Cheese-Stuffed Brats

About 660 calories, 40 g fat
This heartburn-inducing snack can be found at Florida State tailgates. These brats are sliced and stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese before being wrapped in a blanket of bacon. Sound like a heart attack waiting to happen? It is. Polish one off and you’re set back about 660 calories.

Photo Credit: Massassassin

Burger Bacon Dog

About 540 calories, 30 g fat
Florida gator fans sure know their red meat. Take one hot dog and wrap it in ground beef. Then wrap that in strips of bacon. Grill. If that doesn’t overwhelm you, maybe the nutritional facts will. One burger bacon dog has about 540 calories and 30 g of fat.

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