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Eat Better with These Comfort Food Swaps

Comfort foods don’t have to lead to elastic-waist pants. We show you where these wintertime classics go wrong—and how you can rescue them in your own kitchen

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Every year January 1 arrives with a cruel paradox. Cold weather makes us crave the primal pleasures of comfort food, but a new year is also the time to follow through on our weight-loss resolutions. So how can we resist the belly-warming, sugar-laden, fat-drenched foods that foster some of America's greatest health problems? And scarier yet, the restaurant versions that take bad (and delicious) to worse (and dangerous)?

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Actually, you don't have to choose between feeding your belly and flattening it. While writing our new book, Cook This, Not That! Skinny Comfort Foods, we dissected four iconic American comfort dishes, pinpointing major trouble spots and offering quick, decisive fixes for each. Use these tricks and techniques as a blueprint for healthy cooking, so you can avoid dining-out disasters and turn all your favorite comfort foods into mouth-watering weight-loss weapons. You'll have all the edible comfort you crave, plus a lean belly to show for it.

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