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8 Playground-Inspired Fitness Props

Functional fitness equipment that's actually fun to use is popping up at gyms everywhere. Jump on the trend with these simple (and super-effective!) exercises

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8 Playground-Inspired Fitness Props // sandbag training c Courtesy of Ultimate Sandbag Training

Courtesy of Ultimate Sandbag Training


Dumbbells are predictable because the weight is evenly distributed, but the weight in sandbags is fluid, which challenges your balance and stability, says Josh Henkin, CSCS, CEO of Ultimate Sandbag Training. 

How to play: Try the Squat-To-Arc Press: Hold the sandbag over one shoulder with both hands, then lower into a squat. As you stand up, lift the bag straight up above your head. Then lower the sandbag from over your head onto the opposite shoulder, and perform a second squat. Continue alternating sides. You can increase the pace or duration or alter your grip to challenge yourself. 

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