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Fit Gifts for Dads and High School Grads

Forgo ties and impersonal gift cards and give your loved ones a dose of fitness instead. These 14 presents will keep recipients healthy through summer and beyond

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Fit Gifts for Dads and High School Grads  // Omega Mega Mouth Juicer c

Omega Mega Mouth Juicer

Most adults fall short of the recommended two to three daily servings of fruits and veggies, and college students fare even worse—the average co-ed doesn’t even eat one serving a day, according to a 2011 University of Oregon study.  Setting your busy dad or soon-to-be college student up with a juicer can help pack practically a full day’s worth of produce into one glass. Like the name implies, Mega Mouth juicers ($200 to $250, have extra-large feeding chutes that can handle large chunks of apple, beet, carrot, and celery as well as whole fruits. They’ll be mixing up beverages brimming with vitamins in a snap. 

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