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Kitchen Tips for Healthy Cooking

Can These TV Gadgets Help You Eat Right?

Experts weigh in on the pros and cons of 12 goofy kitchen gadgets designed to help you prepare healthier meals at home

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Infomercials can convince us of anything—clearer skin comes in a bottle, sculpting six-pack abs can happen in a lounge chair, and a single kitchen appliance takes you from Easy Mac to Iron Chef overnight. But behind all the hype—and snappy jingles, bonus gifts, and celebrity spokespeople—could be just the tool you need to add produce to your diet or keep portions in check. (Search: What should my portion sizes look like?) “When somebody is trying to eat more healthfully at home, the types of food they eat are going to be of upmost importance,” says Michelle Dudash, RD, chef and author of the upcoming Clean Eating for Busy Families. “But some gadgets may be beneficial because they can cut time in the kitchen and make recipes easier to prepare.” Here, experts dish out the pros and cons of 12 “As Seen on TV” kitchen contraptions.

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