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The Best Workout DVDs for Rainy Days

When spring showers keep you from the gym, fry fat with these awesome DVD workouts

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The Best Workout DVDs for Rainy Days // jackie warner c Courtesy of Fit PR

Courtesy of Fit PR

Personal Training with Jackie: Xtreme Timesaver Training

This workout with celebrity trainer Jackie Warner may last only 30 minutes, but every second counts. You’ll follow Jackie through minute-long intervals, completing moves like the squat-position biceps curl and the runner’s pose rear delt raise that attack multiple muscle groups and make your heart rate skyrocket.

Why We Love It Jackie’s coaching makes it a breeze to follow proper form at home. She also doesn’t gloss over instructions for the body-weight variations of the exercises, making this workout easy for beginners to pick up but challenging enough for seasoned gym-goers.

Gear Requirements Two sets of light hand weights are recommended, but the modified versions of the moves use only your body weight.

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