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The Best Plus-Size Apparel for Active Women

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The Best Plus-Size Apparel for Active Women //  c

Women come in all shapes and sizes, but exercise apparel hasn’t always. Mother of five and founder of the Sexy Moms Running Club Becky Reese recently launched a plus-size activewear collection for just that reason. “I love to run, but I found it frustrating that I couldn’t find anything to wear,” she says. “[Fitness] clothing size 12 and up was truly non-existent,” she says.

When looking for or designing pieces to wear on a run, she says functionality is key. “I see women working out in cotton t-shirts and I cringe,” she says. “I jokingly call it chub-rub, but if you work out in the wrong fabric, that’s what you’ll get—and it hurts! That’s why we used moisture-wicking fabrics.”  (Search: What is moisture-wicking fabric?) Additionally, features like long waistlines, dark colors, color-blocking, and pockets that don’t add bulk make a sleek silhouette. Most of all, make sure the clothes you buy really fit, Reese advises. “The big thing for people to look for is that it fits properly,” she says. If you see bulges in the store, it’s not going to look good, no matter what,” she says. “You need to buy for the size you are now, not for the size you want to be.” The following 12 pieces offer functionality and a flattering fit—and they’re fashionable, too.

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