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The Best New Group Workouts

Flying solo with a pricey personal trainer isn’t the only way to drop pounds. Whether it’s competition or camaraderie that keeps you motivated, these new offerings in group fitness will fire up your fat-burning engine

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The Best New Group Workouts // Hot Figure 4 c Courtesy of Pure Yoga

Courtesy of Pure Yoga

Hot Figure 4

Traditional Figure 4 is getting a hot new makeover at Pure Yoga. For those not familiar with the acclaimed barre class, Figure 4 uses isometric weight-bearing exercise, free weights, classical dance training, Pilates, and yoga to tone your butt, abs, arms, and thighs while also improving posture and self-awareness. (The workout, created by professional dancer, Kate Albarelli gets its name from the traditional ballet stretch done by crossing the ankle over the opposite knee and bending forward, creating a “four” with the legs.) Adding heat not only ups the sweat factor and elevates your heart rate, but also provides class-goers with a deeper stretch and a greater muscle burn during strengthening sections.

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