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Breakfasts That Fight Belly Fat

The Best Belly-Flattening Cereals

Get rid of your spare tire one bowl at a time. These 6 high-fiber cereals taste good and trim your tummy

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Belly Off, Bowl by Bowl

Sure, research shows that eating breakfast in general, and cereal in particular, can help keep your weight down, but don’t take that as an excuse to reach for the nearest Lucky Charms. Instead, fight the battle of the bulge by choosing brands that are rich in fiber. Why? Fiber fills you up, blocks calorie absorption, stabilizes your blood sugar, and keeps your digestive system humming. In other words, the stuff helps you eat less and flush out more. These six breakfast starters are high in fiber and low in sugar, so you get the maximum belly-flattening benefits. Now that’s some sweet cereal.

Cereals recommended by Lyssie Lakatos, RD, and Tammy Lakatos Shames, RD, “The Nutrition Twins” and authors of The Secret to Skinny.

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