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8 Ways to Upgrade Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of year again when most of us resolve to lose weight. Here are tips on how to actually get results

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8 Ways to Upgrade Your New Year’s Resolution // woman with exercise balls c Brand X Pictures

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According to a survey of Fitbie readers, 69.5% of you want to lose weight, sculpt a better body, or improve your health in 2012. These healthy intentions are good news. But be warned: Only 29% of survey respondents say they actually achieved their resolutions last year. (Read about one woman’s ongoing struggle with the scale for the past 4 years.) To help improve your success rate, try focusing on small, tangible goals that are proven to maximize results. We spoke with fitness experts about how you can upgrade your resolutions, and they provided the following eight strategies to help focus your efforts and conquer your health goal by year’s end.

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