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Eating Habits That Surprise Dietitians

8 Secret Food Habits That Wreck Your Diet

From munching on candy all day to turning a blind eye to decadent desserts, many people are in denial about what they're really eating. Dietitians reveal some of the surprising food habits they've discovered

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Healthy eaters, you may be in denial. Fact is, most people aren’t aware of the scary truth behind their eating habits until they see it in their own handwriting, says Bethany Thayer, RD, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association and manager of Wellness Programs & Strategies at the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit. Tracking what you eat can make you more accountable, but are you ready for what you'll discover? Here, dietitians share some of the most perplexing eating practices they’ve uncovered once their clients took a hard look at what was really going in their mouths.

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