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Total Body Weight-Lifting Moves

8 Double-Duty Exercises for Max Results

Stoke your metabolism and lose weight fast with these time-saving, whole-body exercises

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8 Double-Duty Exercises for Max Results // Total Body Dumbell Exercises c Beth Bischoff

Beth Bischoff

Look Amazing from Head to Toe

You might say exercises that work your total body are ideal for anyone who doesn't like to work out. Why? Because they target several large muscle groups at once, so you can accomplish an intense heart-and lung-pumping workout-that torches calories and stokes your metabolism-with fewer exercises and in less time than ever before. Of course, for those same exact reasons, total-body moves are also great for those who do love to work out.

There's one trait they all of the following exercise share: These movements are among the fastest ways to burn fat and build total-body muscle.

Make these 8 weight-lifting fixes to build more muscle!

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