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Kitchen Gadgets for Weight Loss

22 Handy Kitchen Tools for Healthier Living

Introducing these genius gadgets to your kitchen could help you cook smarter, eat healthier, and even shed pounds

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22 Handy Kitchen Tools for Healthier Living // kitchen: Slim & Sage Porcelain Plates picture c Slim & Sage

Slim & Sage

Slim & Sage Porcelain Plates ($100 set)

Finally, a set of diet-friendly dishware you’ll actually want to use. These 9” microwave- and dishwasher-safe plates denote proper portion sizes without skimping on sophistication. (Stock your kitchen with this list of 26 Healthiest Foods) Fill half the plate with veggies and divide the other half evenly between whole grains and lean protein for a stylishly slimming meal.

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