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High Calorie Foods: Concession Stand

15 Horrible Movie Theater Snacks

Seeing a blockbuster becomes a bellybuster if you indulge in these fattening foods

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15 Horrible Movie Theater Snacks // movie theater snacks c Mitch Mandel

Mitch Mandel

Splurging on concessions at the local Cineplex may make your wallet lighter, but it could make you a lot heavier. Movie munchies are full of fat, sugar, and calories—and to add insult to injury they’re also sold in mammoth-sized portions. A large bucket of popcorn, for example, contains a whopping 17 cups of the salty stuff, which is more than five times the recommended serving. Candy gets super-sized, too: a package of Skittles at the concession stand is twice as large as one you’d buy in the drug store. Though it’s easy to say you’d quit eating when full, puffed-up portions are setting you up for failure. One Cornell University study found that no matter what size popcorn moviegoers are given, they’re inclined to chomp down most, if not all, of the container. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any healthy fare when you see a flick, but these 15 foods—ranked from least-bad to completely horrible—are particularly offensive.

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