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The 13 Hottest Celebrity Bodies (Post-Baby)

Body-After-Baby transformations of America’s hottest stars

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The 13 Hottest Celebrity Bodies (Post-Baby) // Pregnant Jessica Simpson c Pacific Coast News

Pacific Coast News

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy was one of the biggest of the year—literally. By the time she gave birth to 9 pound, 13 ounce Maxwell Drew on May 1, she had packed 170 pounds onto her 5-foot-4 frame. It may not be long, though, before she can slip back into her Daisy Dukes. With the help of Weight Watchers and a workout program that combined walking and strength training, today she's within 10 pounds of her goal weight. (Read more about her weight-loss strategies here.)

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Simpson certainly won’t be the first starlet to tackle a body-after-baby transformation. We have a sneaking suspicion these celebrity moms logged their maternity leave at the gym.

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