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The 12 Hardest Races in the World

Some of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world are also home to some of the most sadistic running, cycling and triathlon events ever created

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The 12 Hardest Races in the World // The hardest cycling, biking and running races c Courtesy Rouge Roubaix

Courtesy Rouge Roubaix

Rouge Roubaix - Lousiana

For a pro-cycling fan, the word "Roubaix" conjures images of the brutally rough cobblestone farm roads of France's famed Paris-Roubaix professional road race. But Roubaix-style events can be found in all corners of the globe, including St. Francisville, Louisiana, home of the menacing Rouge Roubaix. You wont find any cobblestones here. Instead, the major hurdle is a 106-mile course that's peppered with rough backcountry gravel and dirt roads. "This is a true hard-man's race," says event director Mitch Evans. "Never in my life have I experienced more pain on my bike."

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