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Foods that Help You Lose Belly Fat Fast

12 Fall Foods for a Flat Belly

These seasonal foods can help you fight fat and keep you feeling fuller, longer thanks to their impressive nutritional profiles

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Don’t let a drop in temperature cool your desire to make healthy choices. While it may be tempting to spend TV night or NFL Sunday with your arm elbow-deep in a bag of chips, you can find plenty of healthy foods available this fall to help you stay in shape. Some seasonal edibles even tout belly-flattening benefits, from fats that fight blubber to fiber-rich vegetables that help curb your appetite, and many of these foods can also serve as healthy alternatives to otherwise high-sugar and high-fat foods that would stall weight loss, says Adam Friedman, CSCS, CNC, a member of the Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute. So save the Halloween candy for the neighbors’ kids and stock up on these fresh and healthy munchies for a slimmer body this fall.

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