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Amount of Sugar in Foods

10 Sugar Bombs Healthier Than Children's Cereal

You wouldn’t serve Oreos or ice cream sandwiches for breakfast, but you’re ingesting a similar amount of sugar when you eat some kids’ cereals

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Sweet Scott!

A Twinkie is hardly the breakfast of champions, but it turns out that the much-maligned childhood favorite contains less sugar than a bowl of Honey Smacks. According to a report from the Environmental Working Group, a number of cereals pack at least as much sugar as cookies, candies, and cakes—turning the most important meal of the day into another opportunity for dessert. (Search: Healthy breakfast ideas) To show just how bad children’s cereal can be, we’ve rounded up 10 surprising foods that contain fewer grams of sugar than the worst cereal offenders.* The findings are hardly sweet.

Ridiculously Unhealthy Cereals to Avoid

*Cereals with the highest percentages of sugar by weight, as calculated by the Environmental Working Group

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