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Healthy Desserts For Weight Loss

10 Restaurant Desserts Under 400 Calories

We countdown the top ten best—and worst—dessert options at national restaurants and fast food chains

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10 Restaurant Desserts Under 400 Calories // Healthy desserts for weight loss c Courtesy Arby's

Courtesy Arby's

10. Fruit Dessert

Eat This!
Arby's Cherry Turnover
390 calories
13 g fat (6 g saturated)
40 g sugars

Pastry dough can be dangerous, but Arby's keeps calories down by focusing on the fruit filling. By choosing cherry over chocolate (and not the healthy kind), you'll eliminate over 150 calories of pure fat. Best of all, this drive-thru dessert doesn't skimp on portion size-each turnover is the same size as a slice of Mrs. Smith's Cherry Pie!

Not That!
Arby's Chocolate Turnover
570 calories
30 g fat (13 g saturated)
43 g sugars

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