The Worst Fast Food

10 Low-Cost Foods You’ll Pay a Price For

Sure, these fast food meals are dirt cheap, but you’ll likely get a bigger gut as part of the bargain

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10 Low-Cost Foods You’ll Pay a Price For // woman eating a burger c Thinkstock

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Somehow fast food has managed to get even cheaper. To attract customers in a hurting economy, restaurant chains have been rolling out budget deals, offering $10 pizzas, $5 meals—even $2 sandwiches. (Search: How can I eat healthy on a budget?) But while these new offerings are light on your wallet, they hit you where it hurts in terms of calories, fat, and sodium content.

Not quite the bargain you were looking for, huh? Read on to discover 10 of the nation’s worst cheap eats.

Try These Ready-to-Eat Foods Instead

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