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Hiking Trails to Improve Fitness

10 Hiking Trails Worth the Trek

Return to nature and prepare to be awed by the sights, sounds, and hikes at these best parks from sea to shining sea

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These Trails Are Worth the Trek

There aren't many countries that offer more diverse geographic options for hiking than the United States. California has the High Sierras, Colorado and Wyoming have the Rockies, Tennessee and North Carolina have the Great Smoky Mountains, and New York has the Adirondacks, to name a few. These towering ranges are distinct in terrain and character, but you don't have to be John Muir or Sir Edmund Hillary to hike the trails at each. All of these destinations offer something for the epic adventurer to the casual day hiker and everyone in between. (Plus, exercising outdoors can help you get fit and lose weight faster; learn more here.) We asked Andrew Matranga, map editor at Backpacker magazine, to help us find the best of the best. Whether you're looking for a short day hike or an all-day epic adventure, here are options from five of the top hiking destinations in the United States.

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